Dr. rer. soc. Melike Şahinol
e-Mail: sahinol AT oidmg.org

Research Fellow, head of the research field “Human, Medicine and Society” at the Orient-Institut Istanbul (Turkey), which is an independent turcological and regional scientific research institute of the Max Weber Foundation (Germany).

Guest Researcher at the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany).

sahinolMy research interests lie in the area of Science and Technology Studies, Sociology of Technology and Medical Sociology, with a particular research interest in the development and use of technology, technical procedures and their consequences. I am also dealing with bio(technology)policy in Turkey, particularly in the field of reproductive medicine.

At the Orient-Institut Istanbul, I am establishing a new research field called “Human, Medicine and Society” .

The aim of this research field is to investigate several dynamic developments in Science, Medicine and Technology  systematically from a STS perspective and thereby to understand the consequences of these dynamics for society and its members. This research field deals with, for example, technology-body configurations and the processes of negotiation that accompany the shape and nature of the human being. The latter includes enquiry into the “optimization” of the human being, body modification such as cosmetic surgery, for example, as well as through self-tracking technologies for monitoring personal health, reproductive technologies and forms of manipulating the human genome.

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